Why Social Media Is Important For a Startup Company?

09 Jun

Social media has become a must amongst businesses. As a startup, creating “buzz” right from the start will help accelerate the potential for viral marketing which is going to be a critical issue for this business to achieve the success it wants. The social media strategy for your business should include all the major outlets including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, online Newsletters and Blogger.

The tactical strategy is to create an ongoing consistent presence within these outlets. It is recommended that once a presence is established that multiple daily entries/updates be created. The key to a successful campaign is consistency.

The following is a possible strategy for each outlet:

Facebook: Facebook is a great way to interact with your current and potential customers. This outlet offers client education, customer feedback, brand awareness, product offerings, PR and exposure. It is important for your business to consistently interact with potential customers so that they learn what your brand offers.

A potential strategy is for the company to create ads on Facebook for the purpose of enticing potential users to follow and “like” their page. Your business should take advantage of the more than 500 million users of Facebook. It will allow them to choose their audience by age, location and interests. The potential benefits relative to the low costs is significant.

Twitter: Twitter is another great outlet for your business to share interesting information to their potential customers. Twitter helps convey their expertise and establishes their position. A consistent strategy of offering reasons why potential users want to experience what you offer is a sure way of increasing traffic to your website. Twitter also helps customers interact with the company and provide feedback to their services.

You Tube: A great way for businesses to create short compelling videos that can be linked to their website. I recommend creating a few short videos that can help potential customers understand what it is they offer and why they want to be a part of the annual membership. These videos can be posted on the home page of their website and also uploaded in YouTube.

Online Newsletter: A monthly update of what’s going on and creating greater interest is an excellent way to stay top of mind to an ever growing audience.

Blog: Blogging offers perspective. It gives reasons why people will want to share in your business experience. Blogs allow your business to share with its potential customers any new ideas or topics that can establish them as the expert in their field.

In closing, the power of social media marketing can have a significant impact on your business and its ability to achieve its business objectives.

Missy Potalivo

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