The Key To Social Media Is Consistency!

09 Jun
Consistency is the key to a well-executed social media strategy. Having a dependable stream of posts not only makes information fresh and easily accessible, but also builds your customers trust and confidence in your business.

First, you should keep your goal in mind and post news and information that reflects it. The only way to do that is to embrace a clear strategy.  Say you want to acquire new customers.  Your news feed should show how your company is different from others and how it will benefit them. Staying with that message will generate a buzz and get the right people calling you or walking into your front door.

Know that success in social media takes time, but also that information on the Internet passes quickly. Therefore, the second point of having consistency is being on time. This can be accomplished by keeping a regular posting schedule. Depending on your business and your consumers, you may share information a few times a day, to once a day, or even just a few days each week. But whatever your pattern may be, make it a point to create a steady flow of communication for your fans and followers. By being erratic you will risk losing their attention.

While keeping the two points above in equilibrium, don’t forget that you are always representing your brand.   You will find that your brand will have its own unique voice and style that will create a personality that your followers will become familiar with. Deviating from that tone may easily change the image of your business. It is best that you establish it early on in your marketing efforts to communicate friendliness and dependability with your audience.

Missy Potalivo

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